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Paper: All Stitched Up Exhibition

Curated by Joolie Gibbs and Ann Huthwaite for Papermakers & Artists Queensland 

Gympie Regional Gallery. 

 EXHIBITION DATES: 22 February - 23 March 2024

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 24 February 2024, 11:00am.

Paper: All Stitched Up is a contemporary view of papermaking and paper art by 23 members of Papermakers and Artists Qld (PAQ), showcasing the experience and diversity of each artist’s practice. The exhibition focuses on works on paper where stitching is an integral element of the visual design and includes sculptural works and artist books. Joolie's work continues her exploration of the effect of flood events in nature using handmade paper and inks from her backyard.  Below: White on Brown (Elusor macururus), Banana, white ink, crochet cotton, 580mm x 450mm and Mary River Turtle  1180mm x 780mm are featured in the exhibition.

Elusor macrurus.jpg

Sky, Sea and Land Lines Exhibition

Papermakers & Artists Queensland 

Richard Randell Art Studio, Mt Cootha Gardens. 23-27 March 2022.

There is nothing lovelier to look at than a forest of bunyas, (Araucaria bidwillii). Joolie features them in drawings, paintings, paper making and makes ink from the seed casings. For this exhibition Joolie utilised Tetra Pak Etchings on rusted paper with bunya branches, recycled matt board, and moulded banana fibre to create a small series of 3D works entitled Bunya Conga Line 1-4.